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Founded in 1961 in Randolph, Massachusetts, PROTEK has grown during the last fifty years to provide almost all refurbishment services for virtually any organization. Throughout an entire office, PROTEK can service from floor to ceiling, as well as wood to leather to metal.

Customer Centric Perspective:

Protek is often asked to provide additional services that are not outlined in our normal operational procedures. Going the extra mile is ingrained in our core philosophy. Since we know that is truly what the client wants and needs, to benefit of our clients, if we are able to provide these additional services during our project engagement, it is always our pleasure to do so. This customer-centric approach has earned us a solid reputation, as evidenced by the numerous clients who continue to engage our various services year after year, for many years.

Comprehensive Deliverables:

Of significant value to clients is our ability to combine deliverables. That way, customers save time identifying multiple specialists as well as reduce overall costs by leveraging PROTEK’s economy of scale. On separate pages, we list additional service items that can be incorporated in one comprehensive refurbishment project.

Quality Control:

Protek prides itself on quality supervision, mandating a ratio of at least I supervisor to 4 specialists for on-site work. This quality control enables PROTEK to complete large projects (which may include hundreds of objects to be serviced) in the course of one day or over one weekend. That way, we eliminate long, drawn-out processes that could takes weeks or even months to complete, which otherwise would cause significant disturbances, add chaos, and drive up costs.

Why Onsite?

Corporate clients are especially concerned with minimizing costs and maximizing productivity. Determined to address these primary goals, PROTEK realized that the best solution was to deliver services onsite during weekends and after hours. First, onsite service eliminates the time and costs to manage logistics and transport furnishings to and from facilities. Second, performing work during off hours eliminates interference with daily business routines. In addition, an almost incidental benefit to this approach turns out to be a reduction in potential damage that might otherwise be caused by moving furnishings. Furthermore, our approach increases the time available for processes that require drying. In turn, this diminishes the possibility of clients touching oily surfaces that might ruin clothing, as well as limits the chance a client might spoil the final visual result by smearing.

The only exceptions to being able to complete projects onsite are when the projects include either reupholstering of furniture or refinishing of woods. Keep in mind that there are major differences between refurbishing, refinishing, and reupholstering. The process of refurbishing takes into consideration the nicks, scratches, chips and the natural drying out of woods and leathers, and attempts to repair these as needed. Refurbishing also provides oil treatments so as to protect and preserve the natural materials and maintain suppleness. Conversely, refinishing wood necessitates removal of the piece(s) from the office environment and bringing it (them) to our shop. At that point we would completely strip, sand, and refinish the damaged surfaces before returning the furniture to the office.

Needless to say, when comparing costs, refurbishing always proves to be more cost-effective than refinishing in both the short run and long run.

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