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Last Blog, we explored key definitions. This week we are going to elaborate on exactly what Refurbishing means, helping you understand why this alternative should be considered more often.

Why is refurbishing unappreciated? Because it is not well understood! When people hear the word “refurbish,” most naturally think “refinish” or “repair.” The good news is, before appearances become intolerable, informed teams now evaluate refurbishing. When starting to think it may be time to replace, repair, reupholster, or even refinish wood, leather, fabric, or metal furnishings, pause, and why not think refurbish.

Everyone knows preventive care can reduce the likelihood of costly and disruptive problems. Similarly, refurbishing (not refinishing) is fundamentally the most cost-effective method for extending the useful life and value of furnishings. In addition, when compared with alternatives that would need to be performed offsite, onsite refurbishing services are the least intrusive when performed on weekends, or after hours. This is especially true when provided by a company that uses products and processes that are odorless and EPA as well as OSHA approved for indoor purposes.

Facility Management Anxieties

  • Cost-overruns to maintain facility and furnishing appearances;
  • Neglecting sustainability principles, initiatives and policies;
  • Lost bonuses resulting from missing tight budget targets;
  • Scorn and surprise from Senior Managers who are dissatisfied with facility appearances;
  • Using the wrong personnel or contractor on a project which creates costly mistakes that compromise outcomes and budgets. For example, consider: Does in-house personnel have sufficient skillset and core-competencies, with knowledge of best practices, to cost-effectively perform specialized tasks beyond simple touch-up and repair?

Benefits of Refurbishing vs. Alternatives

Consider the following graph see why Refurbishing is becoming recognized as a Best Practice, delivering the:

  • Lowest Cost
  • Least Disruption
  • Quickest Time to Value
  • Best Alignment with Sustainability Initiatives










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