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We are proud to be partnered up with Chrisal, an industry game-changer in the world of eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

Chrisal PIP was originally developed in Europe. Chrisal started 22 years ago developing safe, green solutions for use in the food industry and was one of the first to see the importance of developing microbiological and enzymatic products. Inspired by an immune deficient granddaughter, Chrisal’s founder devoted Chrisal’s resources to the research and development of a breakthrough that would create a safe, healthy and clean hospital-safe type environment in a normal home or work setting – and do so simply and economically. Chrisal now offers a complete range of these revolutionary and environmentally friendly probiotic products that can benefit everyone and in any environment.

Chrisal products have been certified as organic by both USA and Canadian based organic certification organizations for use on organic food animals, for biodegradability by the University of Gent-Belgium and for no oral toxicity and no skin irritation by CEBETOX and by FDA licensed laboratories. Chrisal has been certified for use for all food production and processing facilities in Canada including restaurants. Notice of NO GMO – that No Genetically Modified Organisms are used in any Chrisal’s probiotic products.

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