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Happy New Year from PROTEK!

We are proud to announce our new blog series. The purpose is to enlighten our readers about our company (which if you didn’t know has been around for over 50 years!) and, more importantly, share a number of Best Practices Proven to:

  • Save about 90% vs. alternatives
  • Promote Sustainability, supporting your Triple Bottom Line (People, Planet and Profit)
  • Decrease Disruption (e.g. absenteeism and Sick Building Syndrome)
  • Extend the Life and Value of Furnishings

Over the coming months, we will discuss these Best Practices in our blog series. However, if you would like to read ahead, please download a research-backed white paper: “How Facility Managers Improve Triple Bottom Lines – A White Paper for Leveraging Onsite Refurbishment”.

Should you have a topic you would like covered or to comment on any of our blogs, feel free to e-mail us at

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