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Wood Refurbishment:

Oiled and finished wood furniture will be thoroughly cleaned, removing all dirt, grease, and grime using a solvent based chemical.

Leather Conditioning:

Leather furniture, where specified, will be cleaned. saddle-soaped in lather or mink oiled as needed; dried and buffed. This treatment will strengthen and beautify.

Upholstery Cleaning and Reupholstering:

Using a specialized Green Label vacuum that was designed to meet the highest standards for removing soil and protecting indoor air quality, all specified upholstered furnishings will be thoroughly vacuumed to remove dust and dust mites. Surfaces will then be spot cleaned, and if necessary, spot cleaned again.

Drapery Cleaning:

Drapes will be thoroughly vacuumed and chemically cleaned in place, onsite.

Wooden Walls and Doors:

Onsite treatment and preservation of damaged wooden doors and wooden walls.  In addition, black scuff marks will be removed along with soil and grime.

Electrostatic Painting:

The electrostatic painting process is unique, allowing for onsite painting of metal surfaces.  Since there is no overspray, paint particles, or paint dust, this process can even be performed in an office environment.

Carpet Cleaning:

Our process consists of combining the best known cleaning methods used today, using dry foam chemicals with moisture and a rotary machine in combination with a high extraction industrial vacuum.

(781) 963-8813

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