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Fix Wood Conference Room Table Boston
Law Firm Conference Room Table


Oiled and finished wood furniture will be thoroughly cleaned, removing all dirt, grease, and grime, using a solvent-based chemical. Scratches, nicks, and gouges will be stained as the wood will allow. We will then attempt to remove all food and moisture stains. Chipped and nicked wood will be filled as the wood will allow. Splintered edges will be sanded, stained, and finished. Some finished woods do not react to the above staining. Every attempt will be made to produce satisfactory results. A first coat of deep penetrating oil treatment is then applied. Approximately two hours later, the surface is checked and if necessary, a second coat is then applied. Approximately one hour later, a third coat of oil is applied, (only if necessary). Approximately one hour later, the surface is wiped and all residue is removed.

(781) 963-8813

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