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Building Owners, Architects, General Contractors and Mechanical Companies have historically not cleaned new ductwork. They would assume: “It’s new; it’s already clean. Why bother?”

A common misconception, just because ductwork is new does NOT mean the inside surfaces are sufficiently clean. As you have no doubt noticed, project scopes increasingly request pricing for cleaning ductwork. Many times, this is still overlooked. But going forward, leaving it out could cost your company lucrative projects.

Here are eight reasons why NEW ductwork needs to be cleaned:

NADCA suggests cleaning ALL new duct installations.

  1. If new duct is capped with metal fittings, gaskets, etc., the inside should be clean – at least until it’s installed. However, new duct is typically capped with blue plastic film and tape, which does NOT create a perfect seal.
  2. Between shops, transporting it, traffic, road dirt, and the wind, etc., many things can happen which may contaminate the ductwork.
  3. Moreover, since buildings are pressurized while construction is going on, the air has to find a way out and will find a way to go through whatever ductwork is up.
  4. Aided by static electricity, the ductwork collects whatever is in the air, including dirt, dust, bacteria and even mold spores.
  5. In addition, the air may contain off-gasses from construction materials and new furnishings, including formaldehyde or other Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Studies have proven that these airborne substances have caused employee discomfort and decreased productivity, as well as increased absenteeism – all of which cost occupants real money.  In turn, if occupants leave or the building becomes “undesirable, building owners suffer.
  6. Did you know that unless it was cleaned, brand new ductwork has enough filth inside to write your name in it with your finger?
  7. Is that what YOU would want to breathe in every day at YOUR offices?


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