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PROTEK  is committed to the best client experience through exercising our core values of

transparency and integrity.

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Our Mission

Who We Are

Founded in 1961, PROTEK develops and deploys unique, best-practice Preventive Maintenance Services for Bio-Remediation, Cleaning Ductwork (including HVAC Equipment, Kitchen Exhausts and Dryer Vents), and Refurbishing Furnishings. In addition, we sell Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as well as sell and install Revolutionary Devices, proven to Save 20% to 70% on Cooling costs.

Who We Help

We help Building Owners and Facility Managers Save Energy (Costs), Reduce Risks, and Increase Productivity by providing Healthier, Safer, and more Appealing Environments. Our Sustainable approach Improves Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), Decreases Contamination, Enhances Appearances, and Extends the Useful Life of HVAC Equipment and Furnishings. Our services thus help reduce employee absenteeism, improve workplace productivity, and cut health insurance premiums through preventing harm to employees, a business’s most valuable assets.

Our Philosophy

We make a concerted effort to help each client ensure they are getting the right job done at the right price. To do that, we give clients what they need to ensure they can compare “apples to apples”, helping them make the best decisions, whether or not that means selecting PROTEK.



Transparency and Integrity

Unlike most in this industry, PROTEK provides clear written estimates of:

  • The total man-days (or man-hours)
  • Costs specifically for labor
  • Costs specifically for materials

Attention to Detail

To ensure that deliverables match client needs up-front, PROTEK is extremely thorough. In most cases, PROTEK ’s estimates are effectively worst-case (e.g. not-to-exceed) scenarios, based upon what we think it will take to complete the job the way the client would do it for themselves, if they could.

PROTEK estimates include:

  • Statement of Work, which confirms the Scope, Objectives, Standards and critical Assumptions
  • Description of the recommended (Level 1) methodologies and processes

Early Payment Discounts

Annually saves clients’ money on over 50% of PROTEK engagements!

Cost Reductions for overestimated projects

If PROTEK finishes quicker than estimated, we credit clients accordingly, reflecting the actual time worked and/or materials used. Annually saves clients’ money on over 25% of PROTEK engagements.

Before and After Pictures

Photographic documentation enables clients to see the current situation so they may justify costs to their superiors and verify that the work was successfully completed

Summary Reports

Enable clients to review unique details of what occurred during a project so they can gain insight for future projects.

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