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Smart cooling increases the efficiency of air conditioning and refrigeration

by 20-70%.


Save Money

Why continue to waste an average of 30% of the money you are spending on HVAC/R energy costs? Even on the newest systems, COOLNOMIX® delivers a rapid payback.


Boost Performance

No one likes temperature swings. With dual sensors, COOLNOMIX® provides your system with more accurate temperature control, offering employees a more comfortable work environment.


Cut Emissions

COOLNOMIX® reduces energy waste by optimizing compressor operation so that your system only runs when it needs to. This efficiency lowers power plant greenhouse gas emissions and criteria pollutants.


No Maintenance

COOLNOMIX® is an add-on retrofit device which does not require infrastructure changes. Just set up and save.

COOLNOMIX® has helped organizations worldwide eliminate unnecessary fluctuations and wasted energy.


Air conditioning costs fell by 47%




63% refrigeration energy savings




Flagship data center now runs on 28.6% less energy



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Harness the power of
artificial intelligence and dual sensors to

optimize your cooling.

How It Works

COOLNOMIX® (CNX) is an add-on technology for commercial direct expansion (DX) cooling systems that helps the existing control system improve the temperature stability and energy efficiency of the vapor-compression refrigeration cycle, resulting in a reduction of 20-70% of its energy consumption.



A Low-Cost Retrofit Option
The device is placed in the cooling system circuitry in series between the existing thermostat and the control unit. It’s non-invasive and therefore won’t affect your warranty.

Adaptive to Variable Demand
Utilizing two hard-wired precision sensors and a relay-based controller, artificial intelligence will help the control system determine the optimal time to call for cooling, and then run the compressor at this time.


Key Features

  • Set and Save: No maintenance required.

  • Quality Ensured: 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

  • Resilient: Standalone device requires no integration or connectivity to function.

  • Dual Sensors : Provide indoor comfort quantification and more precise cooling delivery.

  • Energy consumption optimization : Compressor runtime is reduced once required comfort levels have been achieved.

  • Compressor health protection: Ensures a minimum cooling system run-time of 3 minutes and a minimum off-time of 3 minutes.

  • Bluetooth Monitoring: The COOLNOMIX® Connect app provides powerful insights at your fingertips.



COOLNOMIX® for Air Conditioning

Once you add COOLNOMIX® to your existing HVAC system, it’ll keep the temperature right where it needs to be. No unnecessary fluctuations. No wasted energy. Improved indoor comfort.

    • Air Conditioning Setpoints : 61-88 °F


  • Compatible DX Units : Packaged Rooftops, Splits, VRFs

A Smart Investment

Nippon Comsys Corp, Japan’s largest telecom engineering contractor, piloted 15 COOLNOMIX units on some of the newest VRF cooling systems. Due to the overwhelming success of the pilot, which averaged 40% savings, Comsys equipped all Mitsubishi units in their headquarters with COOLNOMIX. As the design authority of NTT, Comsys has recommended that NTT Docomo roll out 40,000 units at 20,000 mobile phone base stations, estimating that NTT would save $500 million over 10 years.

Air Conditioning Case Studies


Hilton London Gatwick Airport reduced their air conditioning costs by 33%, a savings of 462 kWh annually.


Case Study



After installing four units in one location, 7 Eleven saw their overall electricity costs decrease by 24% per month and started saving over $700 per month.


Case Study




COOLNOMIX® paid for itself in only 3 months in branches in Hong Kong.


Case Study



COOLNOMIX® for Refrigeration

COOLNOMIX® is a retrofit add-on device which increases the energy efficiency of commercial refrigeration systems by an average of 30%, delivering a rapid payback of 1-3 years.

    • Eliminates ice build-up on the evaporator coil : Never go through energy intensive defrost cycles again.


    • Dual Temperature Sensors : Improves temperature sensing to better monitor a space’s cooling needs and match system operation. Ensure that products are safely refrigerated at the ideal temperature.


    • Breakthrough Technology : Optimizes the compressor dynamics through a patented energy trading algorithm called Optimized Refrigerant Supply®.


    • Refrigeration Setpoints : 32-59 °F


  • Compatible DX Units : Walk-In Coolers, Display Cases

Refrigeration Case Studies


By installing a COOLNOMIX® device, a location in Australia was able to reduce their refrigeration costs by 37%.


Case Study



COOLNOMIX® achieved 24% energy savings on a walk-in refrigeration system that runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


Case Study




After Asia’s #1 water park installed COOLNOMIX® in one of their walk-in refrigerator rooms, they saw a return on investment in 1.1 years.


Case Study



COOLNOMIX® for Data Centers

HVAC equipment typically uses less than 23% of the total energy required to run data centers. With COOLNOMIX®, data centers can save an average of 12% of their total energy cost.

Incorporating two temperature sensors, COOLNOMIX® monitors the thermodynamic and the hydraulic performance of the data center’s cooling system to eliminate periods of unnecessary work.

A Clean Technology Solution

Singtel is Asia’s leading communications group. They deployed two COOLNOMIX AR-0C energy-saving devices at their flagship data center location in Singapore. The average daily energy consumption taken over two week periods reflects savings of 28.6%.


Case Study


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