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PROTEK  onsite refurbishment.


PROTEK  has grown during the last fifty years to provide almost all refurbishment services for any organization. From floor to ceiling, wood to leather to metal, we revitalize and extend the useable life of your furnishings.

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Onsite refurbishment is proven to

improve triple bottom lines.



Dust mites, which are prevalent in upholstered furnishings and carpeting, are responsible for about 25% of all allergy diseases and a factor in 50% to 80% of asthmatics. Our thorough cleaning process will significantly reduce mite bacteria levels, creating a more comfortable environment for people with allergies and asthma.



Onsite services promote sustainability by beautifying and preserving the lifetime value of furnishings. The process of refurbishing takes into consideration the nicks, scratches, chips and the natural drying out of woods and leathers, and attempts to repair these as needed. Refurbishing also provides oil treatments so as to protect and preserve the natural materials.



Onsite refurbishment costs less than alternatives, and takes much less time. Onsite service eliminates the time and costs to manage logistics and transport furnishings to and from facilities. Performing work during off hours also eliminates interference with daily business routines. In addition, this approach reduces potential damage that might otherwise be caused by moving furnishings. Furthermore, our approach increases the time available for processes that require drying. Of significant value to clients is our ability to combine deliverables. That way, customers save time identifying multiple specialists as well as reduce overall costs by leveraging PROTEK ‘s economy of scale.


Featured Services

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Wood Refurbishment

We provide onsite treatment and preservation of wooden furniture, doors, and walls.


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Upholstery Cleaning

and Reupholstering

Using a specialized Green Label vacuum, upholstered furnishings will be thoroughly vacuumed to remove dust and mites.


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Leather Conditioning

Our treatment will preserve and nourish the resiliency of the leather and impart soft, rich and durable suppleness.


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We’ll revitalize and protect your

wood furnishings.

Our Process

  1. First, we remove all dirt, grease, and grime using a solvent based chemical. Scratches, nicks, and gouges will be stained as the wood will allow.
  2. Black scuff marks on walls and doors will be removed.
  3. We will then attempt to remove all food and moisture stains. Chipped and nicked wood will be filled as the wood will allow. Splintered edges will be sanded, stained, and finished.
  4. Some finished woods do not react to the above staining. Every attempt will be made to produce satisfactory results.
  5. A first coat of deep penetrating oil treatment is then applied.
  6. Approximately two hours later, the surface is checked and if necessary, a second coat is then applied.
  7. Approximately one hour later, a third coat of oil is applied, (only if necessary).
  8. Approximately one hour later, the surface is wiped and all residue is removed.


Upholstery Cleaning and Reupholstering,

done right.

Our Process

  • Using a specialized Green Label vacuum that was designed to meet the highest standards for removing soil and protecting indoor air quality, all specified upholstered furnishings will be thoroughly vacuumed to remove dust and dust mites. Surfaces will then be spot cleaned, and if necessary, spot cleaned again.
  • All other surfaces i.e. wood, fiberglass, stainless steel, or chrome will be washed, polished, treated -and/or lubricated as required. Since some manufacturers did not anticipate future maintenance in the design of their products, and some upholsters may not have maintained quality standards, as such there is a minor risk of possible shrinkage, fugitive colors, seam separation, change in texture, or other conditions that cannot be anticipated by our personnel. Although these are minimal risks, they are beyond PROTEK ’s control.
  • Green Label vacuums are specifically designed to meet the highest standards for removing soil and protecting indoor air quality. Certified to release no more than 100 micrograms of dust particles per cubic meter of air, these vacuums are designed to keep dirt and dust locked inside.
  • Reupolstering is performed off-site. Adhering to the strict CAL 133 regulations, PROTEK provides all materials including fabric, foam rubber, padding, and all supplies. Pickup and delivery is included. If needed, we can provide loaners.

Brown Leather Couch - Before After

Leather Conditioning

and Treatment

Leather furniture, where specified, will be cleaned, saddle-soaped in lather or mink oiled as needed; dried and buffed. This treatment will strengthen and beautify. The deep penetration will help to preserve and nourish the resiliency of the leather and impart soft, rich and durable suppleness.

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