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We are proud to be partnered up with PureBiotics®, an industry game-changer in the world of eco-friendly cleaning solutions. We use their products to eliminate pathogens in a nontoxic and environmentally safe way. You can too! To claim a 25% discount, enter promotional code PROTEK25 at checkout.

Create a clean, hospital-safe,

healthy environment.


For over a dozen years, hospital and university studies have proven that using PureBiotics® does no harm. It has also been certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) and others.


PureBiotics® are food-grade and safe for humans and animals. PureBiotics® use has no known deleterious side effects. They either benefit users to varying degrees or do nothing. Because they are so safe, they are even widely used in the food industry. In fact, PureBiotics® products have been certified for biodegradability by the University of Gent-Belgium and for no oral toxicity and no skin irritation by CEBETOX and by FDA licensed laboratories. PureBiotics® has been certified for use for all food production and processing facilities in Canada including restaurants.


While most disinfectants and cleaners stop working after they dry, PureBiotics® continue working for up to 72 hours, even when dry. Independent hospital studies and clinical trials have documented effectiveness removing biofilms and cleaning and reducing:

  • Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI)
  • Harmful bacteria and other pathogens
  • Secondary infection risks

PureBiotics® degrades biofilms and over time, completely removes biofilms on almost all surfaces (including human tissue) down to the bare microscopic level. This enables pathogens and deconstructed biofilm to be washed away.


PureBiotics® products have been certified as organic by both USA and Canadian based organic certification organizations for use on organic food animals. No Genetically Modified Organisms are used in any PureBiotics® probiotic products.

Preventing Infections

  • The Danger of Biofilms

    According to the NIH, 80% of microbial infections in humans are associated with biofilms – a complex microbial structure which forms on surfaces and acts like a barrier, protecting microorganisms within. Research has even shown that certain viruses form biofilm-like assemblies.

  • Traditional Cleaning Practices Can Cause Harm

    Studies show that conventional cleaning (including the use of bleach and antimicrobials) do not remove biofilms. Chemicals that kill bacteria (including biocides, antibiotics, antibacterials, and most hand-sanitizers) can trigger mutations. This has led to antibiotic-resistant superbugs, such as MRSA.

  • Potential Benefits of PureBiotics®

    Because PureBiotics® do not directly attack bacteria, PureBiotics® avoids the significant drawback that causes mutation. Though PureBiotics® does not make any direct claims, significant volumes of anecdotal evidence show PureBiotics®:

    • Reduces the likelihood of secondary infections connected with initial viral infections
    • Reduces the number of bacteria that might have viruses attached
    • Has a prophylactic effect on bacterial-based diseases

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