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On Thursday, November 12, 2020, PROTEK and CoolGreenPower hosted their pilot COOLCon 2020 New York virtual roadshow event.

CoolGreenPower is expanding the distribution of the COOLNOMIX® compressor controller into NY State. They are starting the process of recruiting channel partners to market, sell, and install COOLNOMIX® and related services including HVAC preventative maintenance into the commercial, industrial, and government sectors.

The pilot COOLCon 2020 New York targeted HVAC contractors, project expediters, and others involved in the HVAC energy efficiency space across NY State.

The virtual event took place from 11AM – 3PM as a sequential set of four 45-minute conversations thought leaders in the New York’s energy efficiency industry. The agenda was:

  • Opening Remarks and two keynotes: “HVAC Energy Efficiency: Evolution and Opportunity” and “How does NY policy enable HVAC Energy Efficiency Growth”
  • HVAC Energy Efficiency opportunities for Small Commercial Businesses in New York State
  • Healthy Building and Energy Efficiency: the Critical Role of HVAC Maintenance
  • The role of Emerging Technologies for HVAC Energy Efficiency

Click Below to watch Virtual COOLcon 2020 New York.

Please note that each session will automatically play into the next.

If you wish to jump ahead to a particular session, click on the top right button of the video window to jump sessions.

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