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Blog #5: Comparative Options & The Long Term Affect

As mentioned in our last blog, Repair vs. Replace, when considering alternatives, review the graph below to see a high-level comparison of the Costs vs. Time-to-Complete for each option. Costs shown are relative to the replacement cost. The project timeline reflects the number of days a facility […]

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Blog #4: Refurbish vs. Replace

Last Blog, we explored key definitions. This week we are going to elaborate on exactly what Refurbishing means, helping you understand why this alternative should be considered more often. Why is refurbishing unappreciated? Because it is not well understood! When people hear the word “refurbish,” most naturally […]

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Blog #3: Definitions

DEFINITIONS   There are a number of misconceptions when it comes to defining preventive maintenance services. Many companies will claim to take your furnishings to their work shop to “fix them up”, but how long will that take? When will your furnishings be returned? Or better yet, […]

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Blog #2: A Brief History of PROTEK

Founded in 1961 in Randolph, Massachusetts, PROTEK has grown over the last fifty-five years to provide almost all refurbishment services for virtually any organization. Starting as the Mirror Floor & Rug Cleaning Company, we began revolutionizing the cleaning business by offering Onsite, Overnight cleaning of upholstery and […]

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New Blog Series

Happy New Year from PROTEK! We are proud to announce our new blog series. The purpose is to enlighten our readers about our company (which if you didn’t know has been around for over 50 years!) and, more importantly, share a number of Best Practices Proven to: […]

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