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Founded in 1961 in Randolph, Massachusetts, PROTEK has grown over the last fifty-five years to provide almost all refurbishment services for virtually any organization. Starting as the Mirror Floor & Rug Cleaning Company, we began revolutionizing the cleaning business by offering Onsite, Overnight cleaning of upholstery and furniture, whereas others took work off site, disrupting clients and costing them more money. Specialties included utilizing ground breaking cleaning solvents and methods to not only clean but help the deterioration of the carpeting and rugs. This was also the beginning of our venture into furniture cleaning and preservation as well.

Fast forward 50 years, PROTEK evolved into a fully comprehensive preventative maintenance service company with services that included reupholstering/restoration of furniture, cleaning/preservation of floor coverings, and even electrostatic refinishing of metals. PROTEK also ventured into the water filtration realm, providing purified drinking water systems to clients that were more cost-effective and environmentally friendly than alternatives.

Subsequent to extensive research that we engaged in during the development of a White Paper which validated and expanded our value proposition, PROTEK realized we were having a significant positive impact on the health of facility occupants and visitors. This led us to expand into making more of the environment healthier—by cleaning the air. Thus, we launched into Duct Cleaning, Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning, and most recently to announce a partnership with Chrisal, a revolutionary probiotic cleaning solution that creates safe, healthy and clean environments.

A philosophy that began more than half a century ago continues to this day—PROTEK’s exceptional ONSITE service, on-hand approach with the latest environmentally friendly solutions still speaks volumes.

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