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In the current climate of tight budgets and determining how to do more with less, Facility Management teams are finding new ways to do things that increasingly add value to their organizations while keeping costs down. Numerous studies prove that productivity can be improved and absenteeism reduced by improving environmental aesthetics and cleanliness (including Indoor Air Quality). Of course user perceptions have been shown to be of perhaps greater importance than reality. Since “Perception is Reality,” Facility Managers needs to manage perceptions by balancing the time, costs, an acceptable quality of results. Therefore, when it comes to furnishings, a simple and effective way to do this is by adopting a plan to evaluate Onsite Refurbishing as a form of preventative maintenance that prolongs the lifetime value of the furnishings.

Moreover, after breaking down the misconceptions between “Replacing & Refurbishing”, Facility Managers can see why refurbishing not only gives a fresh new look to existing furnishings; it increases the productivity and morale of the employees on the whole. Bottom line: refurbishing increases top line revenues, decreases long-term costs, resulting in improved bottom lines.

Organizations can benefit in many ways:

Reduced costs;

  • Enforced sustainability;
  • Increased productivity (and revenues);
  • Improved facility appearances;
  • Decreased absenteeism; and
  • Extended useful life and lifetime value of furnishings.

At the end of the day, in a budget conscious society, wouldn’t it make sense to find the best, most efficient, most economical way to increase productivity and your bottom line? We think so. For a FREE, NO OBLIGATION survey, please e-mail or call (781) 963-8813.


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