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 by Ian de la Rocha, Digital Marketing Fellow

As an organization:

Only YOU can prevent Sick-Building Syndrome (SBS). The question is, how? There are a variety of factors at play when it comes to SBS. SBS is caused by low Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) inside a building and usually comes in the form of severe allergies, headaches & fatigue, and respiratory problems.

The first thing you should do is to make sure all ventilation, humidity and temperature controls are properly functioning. System maintenance schedules should be precisely followed and recorded. Additionally, be sure to check that all vent grills and ductwork are regularly cleaned.

Ensure to establish routines that monitor the cleanliness of your building(s). Check in with janitorial staff to evaluate if their processes are resulting in the full sanitation of the surfaces they clean. To be certain surfaces are being cleaned efficiently, make sure that all vacuum cleaners are up to date. The best vacuum cleaners are ones with High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filters (HEPA) because they can filter microbes & minute particles such as bacteria, mold and dust mites.

Furthermore, you should ensure that Human Resource (HR) policies and procedures include the requirement to inform the facility management team over any unusual employee symptoms or environmental concerns. It’s imperative that you schedule yearly surveys to compare same-time-of-year data and avoid the onset of SBS.

Additional ways to help prevent SBS:

    • Don’t allow employees to smoke inside or near the fresh air intake ducts of your building.


    • Keep office plants healthy. Dying plants don’t assist the air situation and over-watered plants can develop airborne mold.


    • Make sure the office is kept clean and all eating areas are sanitized. Dust mites thrive on uncleaned surfaces. Additionally, pests such as cockroaches are linked to allergic reactions and respiratory illnesses such as Asthma due to proteins in their droppings and saliva.


  • Adopt a preventive mindset and get your Air Ducts cleaned. It’s up to you to Clean It or Breathe It!®

YOU can take action to improve your facility’s Indoor Air Quality and prevent Sick-Building Syndrome. SBS causes a myriad of illnesses and can be catastrophic for a business. Give us a call at (781)-963-8813 or email us at for a Free, No Obligation survey of your Air Ducts today!

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