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#NEBFM16 was an exceptionally successful event for PROTEK. Even the Owner of the company that ran the event said that he was very impressed, adding that in over 26 years, he’d never seen a company do some of the creative things we did. And his assistant suggested we run a training session at a future event specifically for exhibitors, to teach them how to maximize trade show events. But the biggest surprise was after the show when the Owner personally called to invite us to participate as an exalted exhibitor to help them plan #NEBFM17!

Upon entering the main exhibit floor, if you followed the rows, you would have found us near the end of your journey…saving the best for last. Right? We brought 4 of our staff with us along with two lovely assistants to be able to handle our numerous booth visitors.

So what made it a successful event? There were a number of components that lead to our success. Mostly, it was dogged preparation, based on years of experience. We began by publicizing #NEBFM16 several months prior with posts on our website and social media, using the banners sent to us, and posting the given hashtag. At the event, we gave away fliers depicting our two branches of our business Duct Cleaning and Furniture Refurbishment. (See Below).

Protek Refurbishment Flyer    Protek Duct Flyer


 Our catchphrase, “Talk Dirty to Us!”, was catchy, indeed. Tying into the phrase of the assistant’s shirts “Talk Dirty to Me… I Can Handle It!“, our visitors took double take, mostly laughing and wanting to know more.

Plus, to ensure PROTEK stays ahead of the curve, as we do with all such events, we attended several of the Educational Seminars. In addition to gaining valuable insight which we pass on to clients, these sessions always enhance our presence by networking with other influential players.

We have a number of new projects in the pipeline that came directly from #NEBFM16. So, of course, we are already planning to attend, provide our own Educational Seminar, and make an impact at #NEBFM17!


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